Name of the beneficiary: Goodevent Event Organiser Limited Liability Company


The subject and purpose of the development: Support for the improvement of the service quality of Goodvent Ltd.


Project identification number: GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.3-21-2022-02538


The amount of aid: 69 284 963 Ft


Intensity of the aid: 70 %



The project: Goodevent Ltd. will be able to improve its event management service thanks to the grant, which will enable them to serve more guests and thus increase their results.

The project will implement the following elements:

A kitchen and serving area with a gross floor area of 161 square meters will be built in the Dűlő Bistro, which will allow the company to serve larger events safely, without the need for external catering services.

The purchase of equipment will include the purchase of kitchen equipment (hot plates, stainless steel processing and serving counters, sinks, etc.), and the company would like to specialise in outdoor events, for which a lawnmower tractor will be purchased to maintain the lawn. Furthermore, ICT equipment will be purchased.

A heat pump system will be installed to heat the kitchen.

Employee training will include English language training so that guests from abroad can be properly served.

Leadership and management consultancy will be provided, as the increased service capacity will also require the development of a middle management team.

Thanks to the support, Goodevent Ltd. will be able to increase its service level, to fully manage events with a larger number of participants and to organise other types of events according to the needs.



Project completion date: 2024.03.04.