Beneficiary name: Goodevent Rendezvényszervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Project title: implementation of a business management system at Arkánum X Kft.

Amount of aid contracted: HUF 6 410 360

Aid intensity: 40%

Project completion date: 31.03.2020

Project ID number: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2017-00584


Project description:

Goodevent Ltd (formerly ARKÁNUM X Ltd) started its operations in 1997 under the leadership of creative, experienced and dedicated professionals. The company's core business is conference and trade show organisation, PR and marketing.

The aim of the project was to implement an efficient, cloud-based ERP system. IBSystem® is a business management system with a rich set of functionalities that can provide full IT support for internal business processes, operational and administrative activities and management decision-making for small, medium and large enterprises with multiple sites.

The implementation of the cloud-based ERP system has been implemented in the following 8 functional areas:

Enterprise CRM, sales area - Helps you manage day-to-day customer relationships, retrieve and record key customer information, store, display and retrieve key elements of customer communications over time.

Human Resource Management System - Complete record keeping of master data, Working time records, with the possibility to set up individual work schedules, Leave records, multiple performance payroll accounting.

Controlling and decision support - iVIR's "wizards" provide a user-friendly way to edit the definition files, the so-called data sources, that carry business data to be displayed.

Remote and group work support - The module has a query interface that can be accessed via a web interface.

Finance, accounting - Financial filing and recording of incoming invoices in accordance with all legislation, handling of advance invoices, final invoices, foreign currency invoices, electronic invoices, and their correction or cancellation, as well as the recording and reporting by counterparty.

Web presence (Enterprise Portal) - The system is operated in a multi-tier application runtime environment.

Workflow support - Create any number of custom workflows. Delegation: after a predefined time interval, if the task has not been processed, it can be delegated to another person.

Electronic document management solution - Automatic filing number generation solved. Supporting documents can be generated automatically. Electronic mail book can be created and deadlines can be monitored