Beneficiary name: Goodevent Rendezvényszervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Project title: implementation of the internship programme at the headquarters of Goodevent Event Management Ltd.

Amount of aid contracted: HUF 2 536 714

Aid intensity: 80%

Project completion date: 2022.02.23

Project ID number: VEKOP-8.3.2-18-2018-00077


Project description:

Goodevent Ltd (formerly ARKÁNUM X Ltd) started its operations in 1997 under the leadership of creative, experienced and dedicated professionals. The company's core business is conference and trade show organisation, PR and marketing.

The aim of the project was to improve the services of our company by employing 1 trainee. The main objective of our company is to strengthen our market position and, in addition to launching a new service, to recruit and retain trainees, thus contributing to the reduction of unemployment in the region.

A new workforce brings new energy and spirit to the life and workings of the company. The acquisition of equipment and investment in infrastructure has improved the quality of service delivery. The stable position in the market ensures the retention of stable jobs and the creation of new ones.