can goodevent help you with event management or marketing only?

We can also help with online marketing, branding and other graphic design work.


I have never organised an event, how do I get started?

Fill in our request for proposal form, where we ask for a few important details. Then our colleague will contact you - to ask questions, talk you through, advise you. We'll help you take the first steps, figure out the concept.

I'm planning a wedding. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, wedding planning is not part of our profile. We have two romantic venues in Sárospatak that are suitable for weddings. Our colleagues there are at your disposal. Please visit our website. website.

What is the approximate cost of an event for 100 people?

Unfortunately, we cannot say this in advance. It depends on many factors. E.g. the venue itself, the content of the meals, the colour of the decoration, the fees for possible performers, etc... Any amount from about 500.000 HUF up to 10.000.000 HUF can be considered. A consultation is always necessary before the price is fixed.

I'd like to organise an event, but I'm on a budget. Can we still start organising?

Absolutely. After the first discussions, we can tell you how viable the ideas are and whether the event can be realised within the budget. If we feel that the budget is tight, we will suggest which services we should pull out so that the quality of the event is not compromised, but we will not go over budget.

We have an existing website, but we want to change it. Can you help me?

At your request, we will review your existing website in terms of image, structure, content, google search engine optimization, speed. This audit is free of charge. We will then give you feedback on whether it is enough to adapt the existing website or whether a new one needs to be built. Based on the existing website's program logic, we will make a proposal either to "tweak" the existing website or to build a new one.

There is some graphic work that should be done based on the existing image. Do you do small jobs like this?

Yes. We also do small jobs. For example, if you just need to put a logo on a picture or if you need a header paper. We look at what the job is and either quote a project price or an hourly rate.

I already have a facebook page, but it gets very few visitors. What should I do?

We review the Facebook page, looking at the settings, the visual appearance of the posts, the colour of the content, the frequency of the content and how well it speaks to the company's group. Then there are two options. Or we can take over the content generation and management of the fb page. Alternatively, we can advise you on how to put together a calendar of posts and provide you with a graphic basis for the visual presentation of your posts. In this case, you continue to create the posts, we only offer a helping hand.